The demand of enlarging the partner plays an important role to promote the international education industry. GES always expect to construct the good relationship with partners and students by supportive tools; which is our successful foundation.

In face, the agents’ belief is established by GES’s long-term and trust relationship, through our professional admission process.

AS GES’s agencies, you will receive lots of supports as well as provided by lots of programs, such as ESL programs, highschool programs, college/ university programs, homestay programs and so on. In addition, arranging multiple exclusive recruitment fairs that also provide opportunities for our Partner Agents to meet Partner School representatives, resulting in a strong connection. Finally, our international Agency Partners to join our U.S. Familiarization trips where they meet Partner Schools to learn more about their missions.


With student international support:

  • ESL programs/ highschool/ college/ university:

o    Program Manager Student reports: provide the overall student’s information, their success and limitation

o    Host Family reports: inform the situation of student’s life in host family, how the student adapt with and solve unexpected problems

o    School reports: report the studying result for each semesters and extra supporting programs to affirm the student’s development.

o    Student photos: for all activities in school, host family and others.


  • Homestay programs:

Our Host Families are loving and nurturing family who find hosting your child a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Student will be welcomed into their home and is treated like their own natural child. They serve as your child’s second family and share cultural traditions.

·           Primary motivation is to provide a caring and loving environment

·           The family speaks to your child in English, promoting them to learn conversational language

·           Share in family and cultural experiences

·           Guide student through teenage maturity

·           Connect with native family to affirm the student’s development

·           Are supported and well-trained in our Host Family Program


  • Extra programs:
  • Students who is not familiar with the studying method in new environment will be supported through tutor programs, including some subjects like Math, Humanities, Languages, Sciences or Social Sciences.
  • Students who would like to discover and find out their future destination, can choose summer orientation programs. This program not only is a good time for studying new language but also helps them to adjust to new environment.


Steps for applying:

Step 1: Download and fill The Agent Application Form

Step 2: Send Application Form through e-mail:

Step 3: GES will respond after 1-3 days


Finally, GES will provide a training program for all international partners, including supporting programs’ training, the cooperative schedule and so on.

        Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What's the reason Host Families want to host an international student?

    To experience different cultures and make a contribution to their school and the community. Especially, they are happy to participate in the global community.


  • 2. In which ways does GES recruit and screen Host Families?

    Most host families are referred to GES by our partner schools and are typically parents of students currently attending of the school.

    Families are sellected and checked background by GES staff and home visits to determine if they are suitable to host our international students. During their time with the student, GES continues to support Host families by providing the training, establishing open communication, and providing other resources required to make hosting sucessful.

  • 3. Why is the orientation compulsory for the International students?

    Required by all GES partner schools, every new international student is required to attend GES orientation. This programs will help students to find out the new cultural and academic environment. Especially, with the international student who does not satisfy the entrance ESL examination, will be added the private ESL course. This course help students to be confident in the communication and future studying in school.  

  • 4. How can parents and consultants monitor student's progress both academically and personally?

    Our program managers, school faculty and Host families work together to monitor students’ progress and make information available to native parents. All students’ information is updated through management tools called as CRM which export necessary reports like host family reports, academic reports, school reports and so on. Through this tool, all partners, students and family can check through private account 24/7 from anywhere in the world. 

  • 5. Which schools do you work with?

    GES is working with an extensive list of partner schools located around United States and Canada. The partner school information is updated in the partner schools profiles. 

  • 6. What makes GES different from other companies?

    GES works with many schools, agencies and Host families with the close network which create the high support for students. The success of agencies and students is GES’s goal and proud. With our full-time service in many different countries, customers and staffs can be received supports all time.

    With the variety of programs, GES gives the ideal services for students as well as enlarge opportunity for partners. 

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