With internationals students, finding a home in new country play an vital role to be confident and concentrate on their study. By becoming a host family, you will not only provide a nurturing home and in return but also help them to find out new culture, share traditions and build lifelong friendships.

That is the families which we are looking for cooperating.

By becoming out partner, you will be provided any necessary support and training to ensure a rewarding hosting experience, including:

  • In-person monthly visits
  • Bilingual field staff
  • Interactive training and orientation
  • Participation in international community events
  • Cultural training materials
  • Community resources and support network
  • 24/7 local support
  • Generous monthly stipend


Steps for applying:

Step 1: Download and fill The Host Family Application Form

Step 2: Send Application Form through e-mail: info@globaleducationservice.net

Step 3: GES will respond after 1-3 days

We look forward to sharing more about our Host Family Network!


Once you complete our Host Family Application Form, a dedicated Host Family Support Department will give you a call to learn more about your family and your interest in hosting one of our students.

Basing the student’s expectation and host family profile, Host Family Support Department will contact to ask necessary support. Our will give you a full overview of preparation for welcoming one of our students into your home.

To be confident and prepare for new relationship between students and Host family, our support department also gives you the student’s profile as well as the country information of him/hers.

        Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can I refer a family or friend to become a Host Family?

    GES proudly supports our host families and greatly appreciates when they recommend that a friend join our host family community. As a thank you to our current host families for their unwavering support, we frequently offer paid referral promotions to grow and develop our homestay network.

  • 2. What if my International Student gets sick and needs to see a doctor?

    If your international student becomes ill during his/her homestay, our support team will be available to help you decide the best course of action. Our support staff are available 24/7, so you never without experienced resources.

    In fact, all international students in GES program receive health insurance through GES. 

  • 3. How long can I host an international student?

    You can host for an international student for over one year. This belongs on the relationship between host families and international students as well as your recommendations. We hope that you develop a strong bond with your student and choose to continue your host family arrangement throughout their school years.

  • 4. Do I get paid for hosting an International Student?

    Yes, Host families are paid. Once you are selected to become a host family, you will be paid a monthly allowance to cover the international students’ living costs and other expenses.

  • 5. How involved should I be in my student’s academic experience?

    Most of studying information will be provided by school. However, to encourage and increase the student’s success, the supporting department will ask you to provide a good study environment at home and offer your support or recommendation.

  • 6. Can a Host family have two International Students?

    It depends on student’s expectation and Host family space. However it would be better if each Host have one international student because student always expects to have environement to learning and finding our culture. 

  • 7. Who are the International Students?

    GES international students come from a variety of countries such as China, Korea, Mexico, Asian countries and GES manages their placement in our local partner schools. Our international students are middle school and high school age students.

  • 8. How do we apply to become a Host Family?

    Simply you need to complete our Host family application form following steps above and send through the email: …..

    We look forward to welcoming you into our Host family community!

  • 9. What are the responsibilities of a Host Family?

    The basic responsibilities are to provide a safe and loving home, a bedroom, meals and transportation to and from school and activities. We encourage you to treat your student as you would your own child.

  • 10. What support and training will GES provide?

    GES prepares Host families by providing a basic training program after signing contract and an in-depth summer training program annually to the international student’s arrival.

    Therefore, our Host families are fully informed and ready to welcome their international students.

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