GES Partner School network helps the international students and partners to establish long-term relationship as well as the best possible experience for students.

As GES partners, schools will be provided the highest levels of marketing, recruiting, residential and support services. The purpose of these is to construct the strong bridge between partners and students as well as their family.

With the Academic supporting programs, international students will be provided the basic guidance and support at every step along the way. This is the foundation to affirm the students’ quality following the entry requirement.

All supporting information for partner schools will be filled in the co-operating constract, including:

1.   The student recuitment strategy

  • Developing the school’s awareness abroad basing on the marketing materials
  • Organizing the workshop as the recuitment trips abroad every year which invite the representative of partner schools through two approaches: agencies and students’ families events
  • Building and maintaining partnerships with recruiting agencies to affirm the applicants’ qualification
  • Establishing the connection tool to connect with partners with native families and other agencies
  1. Academic support

With GES partner Schools, GES will give supports, training and reasources they need to guide students before their class. Moreover, in the studying process, GES students are also supported their academic course through the academic tutor programs. These will help students to adapt with new educational environment and increase the partner schools’ quality and prestige. 

  1. Cultural training

The multi-culture can become the good environment for all students to experience. However in the other aspect, it can impact to students relationship if the cultural divide happens. By cultural training, international student will easily adapt with the variety of culture while domestic student can have the positive attitudes. The classes include language, cultural adjustment, cultural trends and so on.

  1. Homestay support

Evidence for homestay support can be determined through our record management, there are lots of Host Mamilies continue in our program annually as well as new one join our family community. With the network of over 500 local families locates around partner schools, which is interracted through a innitial screening process to make sure they are a good fit for our program.

Host families are also updated the school information to increase the program’s effective for students.

For more information on partnering with GES to build or enhance your International Student Program, please complete our Partner School Information Form or give us a call at………...

We look forward to working together!

Steps for applying:

Step 1: Download and fill The Partner School Application Form

Step 2: Send Application Form through e-mail:

Step 3: GES will respond after 1-3 day

        Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Does GES offer local support staff?

    Yes. To know more information, please complete the first step of contact. GES will feedback and inform the essential constract.

    A program manager will be assigned to your school and is your first point of contact. He or she is the primary liaison between your school and GES.

  • 2. What length of time do your international students stay enrolled?

    Belong to each family’s demand, international students will study from 2 to 6 years. GES mostly recruits international students who studt long-term in USA that hold an F-1 visa. 

  • 3. What age students do you work with?

    GES international students typically enter from 12 years old or grade 7 to above. Older international students may enroll in our college or university program.

  • 4. What are the students’ English proficiency levels?

    Before applying to main course in the partner school, GES carefully screens every student to ensure that their English language skills at an appropriate level as the partner’s requirement. With our ESL program, partner schools have relied on our outcome quality. 

  • 5. How does ASEC differ from other agencies?

    Besides the basic support, GES provides other supporting programs for international students to increase the student’s quality through the administration tool which helps partner schools to connect with Host and native family effectively.

    When you are the partners with GES, a program manager who lives locally, will be assigned to work closely with you to support and ensure that your needs are being met as well as facilitate your goals.

  • 6. Why should we partner with GES?

    School partners network is one of the most vital elements for GES’s success. Our global connection and marketing campaign will be the key to open new challege and chance for international students as well as help partner schools to increase their attractive option.

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