Homestay gives you the opportunity to live with an Native family in their home. Homestay can be a great option for younger students as you will have a supportive family environment and a home away from home. Some homestay options include meals and others are self-catered, so you can choose an option that suits your needs.

With Homestay, you will stay in the home of an English-speaking host. To ensure your Host matches your needs (such as a single room or twin room, including meals or not, family with kids or not and so on), we will based on your first registration. However, in the time when living in, GES is willing to receive your recommendations about your recent accommodation and re-discuss your options in case you have any situations in there.

The location of Host will be based on your accommodation preferences and budget which help you to balance the expenses of your trip.


      Why choose Homestay?

  • Practise English environment
  • Experience to know people, culture, customs
  • Meal with hosts basing on your choice
  • Full board option available
  • Single or shared room
  • Easy travel distance to school by public transport
  • Make new friends including domestic and international friends


Steps for registration:

Step 1: Download and fill The Host Family Application Form for Student

Step 2: Send Application Form through e-mail:

Step 3: GES will respond after 1-3 days






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