Document preparation is always a top priority for anyone who wants to apply for a US visa, including in the mariage program. The documents including:

  1. Single Status Letter (or Certificate of no marriage)

Vietnamese law stipulates that US citizens or permanent residents must have The single status letter. This certificate must be validated by the Embassy of Vietnam in the United States, including all documents required by the local government.

Besides, you also have to have the Marriage Certificate, which is taken place at the Justice Committee Division. All required documents and the marriage registration will be submitted.

  • For the US party: Single Status Letter; Passport; Vietnamese visa; 4 photos 4x6
  • For people in Vietnam: Household Registration, Identity Card, Certificate for Marriage Condition; 4 photos 4x6; Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate of ex-spouse (if applicable)
  1. Guarantee papers

When being granted a Marriage Certificate, applying for a US Department of Immigration visa and wait for approval from this Department.

Guaranteed documents to be prepared:

  • For the sponsor: photo passport, birth certificate or US citizenship; marriage certificate, 2 2x2 photos, divorce papers or death certificates, if available.
  • For the guaranteed: birth certificate; Two 2x2 photos; Divorce or death certificate if available.
  1. Financial sponsorship

When the Department of Immigration accepts your application, it will be sent to the National Visa Center for consideration. The sponsor must complete the financial aid package to prove that the beneficiary will not become a burden on society and that the sponsor must have a higher income than required in the guide. Documents to be prepared:

  • Copies of the latest income tax
  • Copies of payroll 3 months or 3 months profit if company establishment
  • Marriage Certificate

Besides above documents, for this type of guarantee you will need to provide other equally documents which is the relationship’s evidence. Evidences could be images, papers, letters exchanged and showing communication through the phone and so on.

Steps for registration:

Step 1: Download and fill The Application Form for Marriage Programs

Step 2: Send Application Form through e-mail:

Step 3: GES will respond after 1-3 days

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